Dehydration and Pain

Dehydration can make chronic pain worse. If you’re living with chronic pain, the last thing you want to do is exacerbate your pain symptoms. With that, did you know not drinking enough water consistently can lead to chronic back, neck and hip pain? The reason for this being: water helps hydrate the discs between the vertebrae in your spine and prevents your ligaments, muscles and tendons from becoming tight and stiff. Chronic dehydration can lead to other health problems if not addressed right away.

Dr. Benjamin Venger and his team of pain management specialists at TriState Pain Institute encourages patients to drink more water for the following reasons:

Headache Prevention

Do you experience frequent headaches, blurred vision, dizziness or fatigue? If you answered yes, you may be suffering from dehydration headaches. Dehydration headaches may be common for those who prefer drinking energy drinks, coffee or other beverages over a nice, big glass of water. Why? Because those kinds of drinks can actually deplete electrolytes, cause increased urination and inadequately replace lost fluids in the body, causing pain. Not drinking enough water also makes it harder for your blood to circulate, which can also lead to some of the symptoms mentioned above. Therefore, it’s important to drink at the very least, eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day.

Proper Digestion

Your stomach needs water to produce an adequate amount of digestive acid. Underneath your stomach lining is a water-dependent chemical that neutralizes stomach acids, and without water, you could be inadvertently burning holes in the stomach wall. The simple fix? Drink more water! This will help keep your metabolism fast and help your body properly digest the foods you eat. If it helps, try to finish a 12 oz. glass of water during your meals to aid the digestion process.

Minimizing Chronic Pains

As we alluded to previously, drinking water can help minimize chronic pain symptoms. Water keeps the tissues in your body loose and flexible, reducing joint pain. Additionally, because the discs in our spine are made mostly of water, drinking water can prevent the discs from shrinking, which causes pain and puts pressure on spinal nerves. If you’re experiencing significant back pain, it’s best to see the pain management specialists at TriState Pain Institute for treatment before assuming water will heal your aches and pains.

If you are suffering, please do not hesitate to call us here at TriState Pain Institute. Located in Fort Mohave, we serve patients in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Dr. Benjamin Venger, our pain management expert, is here to help. Call us now at (928) 788-3333 and don’t live another day with chronic pain!

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