Reflexology for Pain Management

Reflexologists at TriState Pain Institute recognize specific points on the body, particularly the hands, feet, and ears which correspond to certain bones and organs. It follows the traditional belief of whole body healing. So if certain points on your hands and feet are worked and stimulated, the rest of your body can feel healthy as well. Typically, the left foot corresponds with the left side of the body and the right foot stimulates health in organs and bones on the right side of the body. It is similar to acupuncture because both recognize points on the body as triggers for the whole body. 

Reflexology and massage therapy are different practices. They both apply pressure points to specific areas of the body. Many massage therapists know of reflexology and practice it and many reflexologists give a massage during the procedure. The difference is that reflexology does not manipulate the soft tissue and sticks to your hands, feet and outer ears. In reflexology, the patient keeps their clothes on, but may feel the same soothing, anti-stress response that massages provide. Reflexology looks at an imbalance in your reflexes, whereas a massage therapist would treat the muscle directly.

Reflexology is usually performed at complementary healthcare clinics, but TriState Pain Institute is unique. Even though we offer conventional pain relief methods like medication and injections, we also offer reflexology. Combining natural treatments with your current treatment plan can increase the likeliness of reducing your pain symptoms. Pain often leaves our patients with a lot of stress and anxiety, and reflexology may be a way for them to take a deep breath and find mental relief as conventional treatments give them physical relief.

It is believed that reflexology stimulates the nerves so pain signals are interrupted from travelling to other parts of the body. By putting pressure on reflex points, blood circulation can be increased and the body can take over the healing when stress is taken away. Reflexologists have found it helpful in patients with phantom limb pain and migraines, but it can benefit anyone suffering from pain.

If you are suffering, please do not hesitate to call us here at TriState Pain Institute. Located in Fort Mohave, we serve patients in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Dr. Benjamin Venger, our pain management expert, is here to help. Call us now at (928) 788-3333 and don’t live another day with chronic pain!

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