Pain Medicine / Medication Management

Cervical Radiculopathy

Radiculopathy is the clinical term for a condition of the nerves, and cervical means that the affected nerve is located in the neck. Cervical radiculopathy is usually a result from a pinched or compressed nerve, and for this reason, patients usually have an underlying condition causing the nerve to send pain signals.

Cancer Pain

Cancer pain can be described as either acute or chronic, and can be pain that is from cancer treatment or the cancer itself. Whether the patient has cancer or is experiencing pain after the cancer has gone into remission, patients can see the best results if they treat their cancer pain sooner rather than waiting until the condition turns into chronic pain. 

Arthritis (Rheumatoid + Osteoarthritis)

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are diseases of the joints. When arthritis occurs, damaged joints no longer cushion the bones, and as a result, the bones rub together and cause pain. The two conditions are among hundreds of different variations of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form, while rheumatoid arthritis is diagnosed less frequently. 

Degenerative Disc Disease

It’s important to note that degenerative disc disease is not actually a disease at all, but is a term used to describe the degeneration of the spinal discs over time, and frequently is secondary to another condition. However, almost everyone faces some level of degeneration as they age. This is because as time goes on, the jelly-like discs between our vertebrae experience normal wear and tear and naturally lose their water content.

Occipital Neuralgia

The occipital nerves are located at the top of the spinal cord and travel through the top of the head. When this group of nerves is damaged or inflamed, people can feel intense pain from what seems like a headache or migraine. But unlike migraines or headaches, occipital neuralgia is a neurologic condition. Occipital neuralgia is a rare but extremely painful condition that may interfere with daily tasks like brushing and washing hair or lying down.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a relatively common condition that causes inflammation of the tendons and tissues in the wrist. This swelling occurs when prolonged pressure is applied to the median nerve and synovium in the carpal tunnel. In most patients, carpal tunnel syndrome develops gradually and causes moderate to severe pain on the thumb-side of the hand. However, symptoms can change and vary in intensity depending on the severity of the condition. If left untreated, carpal tunnel syndrome could lead to permanent nerve and muscle damage.

Trigger Points

Myofascial trigger points, commonly referred to simply as trigger points, are a common condition. Because this is a condition of the muscles and the surrounding tissue, trigger points can develop just about anywhere in the body. It is sometimes described as a “knot” or “kink” in the muscles. Patients can have trigger points as a single diagnosis, these are often associated with other painful musculoskeletal conditions.

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