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Researchers at Washington State University found Internet-based programs that focus on non-medical alternatives to manage chronic pain could reduce patient reliance on opioid pain medication. The study tracked the progress of individuals involved in an eight-week online course that provided tools to manage psychological, social and health concerns common with chronic pain. Dr. Benjamin Venger discusses the benefits of supplemental therapies to boost overall health in chronic pain patients.

The Internet-based program involved in the study taught chronic pain patients non-medical alternatives to managing their pain symptoms; some of these methods included physical activities, maintaining a positive mindset, and how... Read more

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A costovertebral joint injection is an outpatient procedure used to relieve pain in the upper or mid-back regions. This injection procedure, like many others, has a dual purpose. It acts as both a diagnostic and treatment injection for chronic upper or mid-back pain. Dr. Benjamin Venger of TriState Pain Institute discusses the benefits of a costovertebral joint injection for upper and mid-back pain.

Costovertebral joint injections are used on patients suffering from rib dysfunction syndromes, which are conditions that cause intense pain in the upper back, arms, between the ribs, or in the mid-back area. Although these injections help physicians diagnose and treat areas causing pain, they are not permanent pain... Read more

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