Neurosurgical Opinions for Diagnosis and Management

As a board certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Benjamin H. Venger of TriState Pain Institute provides neurosurgical opinions for patients suffering from nerve and spine-related pain conditions. He understands patients often wait weeks or months for neurosurgical consultations from physicians located in surrounding areas such as Las Vegas, Southern California, Phoenix or Flagstaff. In an effort to provide patients with a quality continuum of care, Dr. Venger is available to answer questions about conditions, treatments, recovery, and outcomes related to neurosurgical diseases and disorders.

Post-Operative Neurosurgical Care

Candidates for neurosurgery are generally referred to providers at the Khavkin Clinic in Las Vegas. Following a neurosurgical procedure, patients can receive their post-operative care from the team at TriState Pain Institute. Dr. Venger can perform all of the necessary outpatient provider care services following neurosurgery or spine surgery, creating a comprehensive scope of service and effective time management for patients.


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