Topical Creams and Patches

Topical pain relievers are medications that come in various forms, including creams and patches, and they are applied to the skin to administer direct pain relief. These medications are often prescribed to patients who are either uncomfortable with or incapable of taking oral pain relievers. Topical pain relief creams and patches may also be dispensed to patients with pain in a localized area, like a damaged joint or area of skin affected by the shingles virus. These medications often contain a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug to reduce swelling and combat pain. Other topical pain-relieving creams and patches contain narcotics and counter-irritants to not only provide significant pain relief, but to also offer some comfort from the harsh ingredients.

Not everyone is a candidate for topical pain relievers, so it's important to discuss this type of therapy with a TriState Pain Institute physician. Similar to oral pain medications, it is possible to overdose on a topical cream or patch. Talk to a TriState Pain Institute today for more information about this pain management alternative.

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